A Tron Light Cycle for the 50's

The Retro-Iron bike is fully complete at last. There were a few modifications needed to the lower sections as the bike was simply to wide and would not go round corners when ridden. New chrome dials have been added and even more lighting all which is now programable so colours can se set.


A Retro-Futurism Tron Light cycle.

It has taken a few weeks but our Retro take on the Tron light cycle is nearly complete. A bit more work on finishing the dials and detailing but on the whole it is ready to go.  The styling is very Retro, almost with a hint of Egyptian Art. It is built on a Kawasaki ZZR600 so it has a fair amount of power when wound up. It is completely ridable, if you have the nerve and has a fairly comfortable riding position until the Moto-T bike. It is finished in brushed aluminium which will be a nightmare with finger prints. It is finished of with hundreds of LED's hidden throughout the bike which provides a great glow in the dark look, just like the Tron light cycles.


Moto- T Motorcycle

Our latest creation is our Moto-T motorcycle. The influence for this bike comes from the film Terminator salvation and the famous Moto Terminators. Again, it is not a replica but a different take on the film bike, very heavily influenced by the artist H.R.Giger.
The aim was to try and combine the almost impossible CGI elements from the film bike into a rideable machine, with working guns and a unusual riding position.
The machine was constructed over a Kawasaki ZZR600 mainly due to the fact that the wheelbase was the same as that used in the film. Using a large four cylinder bike also gives it a great exhaust note. The whole build was a mega challenge in that the whole riding position had to be changed and the bars lowered and narrowed.  A normal fuel tank and air intake system would not fit so a custom solution had to be worked. The biggest challenge was to make the mini guns work and articulate and still allow the bike to be ridden. It is a challenge to get your feet down when you stop but the guns are removable to make this easier if needed.



Nearly complete. The main thing that needs completing now is all the fine details especially on the interior if you can call it that.  The flame system is working much better now and this also needs tidying up. It certainly has the overall look I was after and should turn a few heads when loaded up on the back of the truck, but that will be another story as I have not even tried loading it yet, might have some ground clearance issues.
It even has a name, A.BUG, Apocalyptic BUG.


New Mad Max styled Apocalypse BUG

As yet we are not sure what to call the new Mad Max, at the moment it is just called The Bug.
It is still under construction with a completion date hopefully in September. 
The idea behind it was to produce a hybrid Retrofuturist/Mad Max horror vehicle which could be used at Film and Horror cons and allow people to pose on the vehicle and have photos taken. It was based on a new style VW Beetle but with a few additions. All the boring stuff has gone, windows, doors, bonnet, interior, roof, lights, intact all that was really left of the Bug was the engine and chassis.
There is still a great detail of fine detail to add and as you can see from the photos but the main construction is now complete. Features include a tweaked 2litre engine giving some very good performance given that the car hardly weighs anything. A large on board propane tank provides some specular flame effects(video to follow).


Some more photos showing the new styling and details added.


The New 95Spider

Fans and eyes from a spider

Canopies open it looks like the ears of a giant vampire bat.

The original 95Spider took 12 weeks to build. 
In my original plan the vehicle was going to be a hybrid, a combination of a number of ideas.
Influences would include the 1995 Batman Forever Bat mobile and the Arkham Bat mobile, all wrapped up in a Retrofuturist package.
Unfortunately  due to commercial pressures the build had to be rushed through and never quite achieved my original aspirations. 
It was well received from the Comic Con community but I always felt that it was not what I had planned to build.
After a great deal of head scratching I decided to remodel the 95Spider.
After a further couple of weeks the build is now complete and looking like it was ment to from the very beginning. 

I am really pleased with the final product. The aggressive styling is much more in keeping with the Artist H.R.Giger giving it a more sinuous/organic feeling. The front end has spider characteristics with its large silver fangs and eight eyes. Four aggressive looking guns protrude from the front end. The rear of the vehicle now has movable panels which open up looking like a beetle about to take flight. The large center fin has been lowered and can now open much wider.
The vehicle is now much wider at nearly 9ft giving it a much more squat look on the road.
The open canopy area is gone and a new opening canopy cover has been constructed. 
When both canopies are opened they rise up to look like the ears of a Vampire bat. As well as making the interior of the car now weather proof it also adds a more aggressive insect like reflective eye hiding the Steampunk interior.
The engine has had a few modifications producing much more low end power but at the cost of top speed.
Hopefully the new design reflects what I originally intended, something very unique.