Arty shots of new 95Spider bat mobile, nearly complete


There is still about four weeks work left but externally it is 90% complete. Still lots to do on the interior and a few bits and bobs to add externally.


LED system now complete

The LED lighting system is now complete apart from the odd LED in the interior which still needs to be fitted. For all you techies,  there are over 500 LED's fitted, either in a fixed configuration or programable RGB. The LED system is set in Zones and all controllable from the steering wheel controls. Canopy now opens but needs lots of work to get completed. Interior has had loads done but needs all those special Steampunk finishes.

Sorry about the poor quality images, LED's are very bright and hard to photograph. 


The canopy and interior

Work has now started on the interior, only problem is that it is painfully slow. I have also decided to work on the canopy as I have been putting it of for a while. I decided to hinge the canopy from the front creating a type of scissor  wing effect. The aim is to make the canopy look like an bat wing when it is open so it looks more interesting.


Start of kiting out the interior

Now the interior of the 95Spider has been stripped out it is time to start working on the seats. I decided in the end to build my own instead of getting the MR2 seats recovered. the problem with just recovering the original seats would be that they would still look like sport car seats and I wanted something a bit different, plus waterproof. The steel space frame with bits welded on look the part and toped of with a very simple 15mm high density waterproof foam should work really well. They are very comfortable plus you will be able to stand on them when getting into the car without worrying about damage to the seat. I still need to fit some metal hosing to add that H.R.Giger twist.


A few more refinements

There is still the whole of the interior to work on but the external look is now nearing completion. The whole car needs a final black topcoat of paint but that won't get applied until later once the internal work is complete. There is still work to do on the nose section as it is designed to lift up when loading and unloading from the truck. The canopy section still needs work but as yet i can decide what the final canopy will look like. 90% of the LED's are now fitted and working. Quick release seeing wheel and modified gear lever and handbrake lever have been completed. The exhaust has been removed and the new one needs to be built which will allow exhaust gasses to exit through the after burner. Either a propane system of exhaust flame system will be fitted to get a nice flame through the burner. Currently it is fitted with flickering amor and red LED's to simulate the burner effect.
Seats have now been removed and either need recovering or new ones building, not sure yet.

To give an idea of the scale it can be seen next to the Steamer.
Steamer 15ft x 9ft
95Spider 25ft x 7ft


New Bat Mobile

We have been exceptionally busy over the last few months hence not many Blog posts. Now that our show season has ended there is a few months to get going and build some new feature props. One of the film cars that I have wanted to do was the 95 Bat mobile mainly because there simply are not many of them around, if any in the UK or Europe.
As always I was not interested in building a replica, but something unique based on the 95 Kilmer Batmobile. What I wanted to build was a cross between the 95 Bat mobile, and Mad Max Steampunk monster. The Artist H.R.Giger was also a massive influence in building this car.
It would be created from flat plate alloy and steel and based on a Toyota MR2 Roadster.
The donor car unfortunately was not quite the right shape so it had to be seriously modified as you can see in the pictures. In the end the car almost ending up being scratch built.

One of the issues was to get the correct wheel base, both length and width. The easies way to get the width was to simply stack up the wheels and run two wheels on each corner. The over all effect seems to work well plus the car still dives ok. The length was a bit more of a problem. I managed stretch without any serious chases cutting which would prove to be ok in the end. The only alternative would have been to take the front end of and extend it by 500mm which was just to much trouble.
Once the beautiful MR2 was torn to pieces and as much weight reduced as I can the  wheels were added.
Now it was ready for the steel subframe to be welded into place. This was made from lightweight 1" box section steel which the Aluminium would eventually be bolted.

The next stages would be to start to add the Alloy sheets and start to sculpt with it to build up the shape I wanted. Now the fun starts and hours of bolting and hammering metal.

The main fins at the back are made from wood laminated with several layers of fibreglass. They would eventually be topcoat with Black gel coat then painted.
The rear after burner started life as two garden burners from the local garden centre.

The overall car is now 7ft wide and 23 ft long. Weight is estimated at 1,300kgs

After three coats of grey etch primer, three coats of Stain Black top coat we have arrived here. 
The LED's are now being added all over. They will be over 500 LED's on this vehicle.

We have decided to call the car the 95Spider

Next is the interior.