It is funny, that when you start working on the smaller elements of the build they take so much longer and it apears that no progress has been made at all.
The Feet have been sanded and primed and sanded and primed bout eight times now so I am getting almost ready for the top coat. I have started on the perspex electronics tray, which should look really good once on the Droid. The whole body will be lit via LED's so the effect of the light over the perspex should be great.
I had a first test fit of the three huge batteries and they fit fine, Zoe will have more than enough power, and weight.
I have not started work on the main feet yet but I have sorted the first part of the suspension strut on the center foot. It is hard to see from the photo but the strut is in effect a damper rod which hold the center foot level, but give slightly on rough surfaces. It is a much neater solution than on Emy and will be much harder to see once everything else is added. The center foot has also now been bolted in place. 
For the main feet I will also try to make the damper rods fitted to level the feet a bit more invisible, however, I like the uniqueness they add to the design
Next set of jobs will be to complete the metal work, rear coin slots and vents and foot strips.
The boosters will also need to be worked on soon but I have an idea to make these look very different.

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