Posted by PicasaLots more completed today. The hoses, ankle detals, part of the cylinders and top plates are now all fitted.
I have also fitted some of the fake electronics boards. These are going to be details that will look like the real internal electronics but will just be for show. I decided to fit these to give the build a better look. They really compliment the cut away look and once lit with flashing LED's they will look like real working internal parts.
The more I work on Zoe the more I want to move the design away from the R9 spec. I really like the cut away design, it has worked better than I expected. As I work on each piece I am customising it slightly to fit in with Zoe's design. I do need to think about what her final model number will be. Initally it was R9.E1, but now I am more inclined towards R12.E1, a new Astromech model.

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