Nearing the completion of the body

After test fitting the dome then dropping the dome on a conceate floor, then spending about an hour trying to remove the dent I decided to leave the dome construction for another day. I was going to start test fitting it to the doem drive system but for now it can wait. The body is coming along well and almost complete. There are a great deal of finishing touches needed plus I need to get around to weathering the whole build.This is going to be harder than it looks on this Droid as the normal rust weathering will not work in this case. The body and uncer foot lighting looks great and the glue/blue light was a good choice. All the LED's are wired back to the RF trigger so can all be switch independantly.
I did some more tesing of the drive system and the body wobble is virtually gone. There is still a small amount and to be honest this will be impossible to fully remove due to the cut away design of the Droid. The rear door still has to have a catch fitted and once this is locked to the main frame will make the structure even stronger.
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