Some Major overhauls

I have had two weekends getting Zoe up to scratch after her problem with the right foot. A fair bit of new metalwork has been added making the main structure and legs stronger and more able to deal with the twisting action that is greater in the skin less design. A few new parts have been added, the centre plasma plate which pulses giving a heart like effect. The radar eye web cam is now fully working and can be used at events with wifi access. An extra fan has been added in the electronics bay to help with the new items that have been added. A couple of the switches have been replaced and upgraded to 40amp. The pie panels on the dome have now, at last, been added as well as adding some damping material inside the dome to stop the holo rattle sound that can happen when running on rough surfaces.
The wheelie wheels are being a pain because the brackets I made for them are not strong enough, they keep bending. For now I will leave them as they are and just pull them back into position if they bend but in the long term I will need better brackets. I have changed the diameter of the tube running to the compressed gas bottle so hopefully it won't empty it so fast. The, 'fire extinguisher ', effect is still very strong even though the tube is smaller, we will see if the gas runs out so fast.
Zoe is now almost looking complete and certainly strong enough to do the public event rounds.
I am still reconsidering remaking the legs in metal. I really like the booster plate effect and was thinking of making something like this for the legs, we will see.

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