Some Upgrades

It has been some time since Zoe had any work done on her. This weekend she did a public event at the opening of a local store and did have a few teething problems. This is Zoe's third public event and there were a few issues that came to light. The original brackets holding the torsion rods on the back of the feet were far to weak, so the brackets have been re engineered and made to be much stronger. They are also now fixed at three points not just two, which in high insight was a stupid thing to do. It always amazes me the amount of toque that runs through these 120w scooter motors and the damage it can do to 3mm alloy plate.  The feet have also been given a once over and extra brackets fitted making the whole foot structure a bit stronger. I have also added a small wheelie wheel to the back of each of the main feet to help when Zoe feels in a wheelie mood. The dome drive motor has also had a bit of attention with the large ring bearing cleaned and regressed. The drive wheel has also been re-centered as it had moved of centre and was making some strange noises. The new grease and re-alinement has made a massive difference and the dome spins much more smoothly and much faster.
A bit more cosmetic work has been done on the dome with a couple of more plates added plus the old 12 to 5v regulator fitted in the dome to run the web cam and holo motors replaced with a much higher amp unit and much smaller.
In the centre of the body I have fitted a blue 6" plasma plate which looks great in the dark and looks a bit like a pulsing heart. It was great fun shielding it as the amount of RF interference these things gives of is silly. The USB ports fitted in-front of the on board amplifier have been given a small blue status LED and the charge indicator light replaced with a better multi coloured one which changes colour indicated charge level.
On the whole she is surviving public events better than I though. All of the important electronics are tucked aways so the open body design with exposed fake electronics are working very well and certainly  draw peoples attention.
The November Children in Need event I will be doing with Zoe should be great because it is a night and this is when she looks at her best, glowing in the dark.

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