Water spray system

Emy has always had a water spray system fitted which is very useful on events when over enthusiastic children get to enthusiastic. The water spray is also fun on outside events. I did not fit a water spray system to Zoe as I felt she would not really attend those events as she would be more fragile than Emy, however, she is much stronger than I first though and is certainly able to cope with the crowds. Fitting the water spray would present two problems though, firstly not getting any water in the electronics and considering she is not skinned would be a challenge and second, where to fi the water reservoir.
It was clear from the start of fitting the system that the water reservoir would have to go on the back door next to the compressed gas bottle. unfortunately it took much longer to fit because the whole compressed gas system had to be moved to the left and be redesigned to fit into a smaller space. Fitting the water reservoir on the back also worried me due to more weight being added at the back, Zoe wheelies at the drop of a hat as it is but after testing it does not seem to be to much of a problem.
Everything was redesigned on the back door from the locking mechanism to the hinges holding it on but eventually all the components seemed to fit in place and look quite neat. the bit that took the longest was coming up this a system to fit the water bottle without putting a bracket around it, as i wanted to keep the look clean. I eventually came up with a compression system which clamps the bottle top and bottom and is adjusted via a small wheel. The second challenge was where to fit the water jet. It could not be fitted on the front of Zoe as any water drips would get into the main body, so had to be fitted at the back. It is fitted high up on the back ring just under the dome so any drips of water will just fall onto the floor. It also looks great when in use as it looks like she is venting oil or getting rid of excess liquid. On Emy the water jet is a fine spray, on Zoe I have set it up as three small jets of water. This system together with her massively powerful siren will give her more than enough protection against enthusiastic eight year olds and bigger public events.

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