Generator complete

The Generator is complete, except it did not turn out quite as expected.
I have had real problems getting the small batteries to provide enough power to offer any real charge for the droids so the plan changed slightly. The unit still looks good and when plugged into Emy and Zoe does look the part, as if it is charging them. What the unit does provide something much more valuable. When we are out at events there is always a problem when the Droids or Daleks are left unattained. The problem is now solved. This unit also contains a proximity alarm with a very loud and special siren. The alarm is of an old car, one of those alarms that talks. When it is armed via remote it in a very loud voice states, "SYSTEM ARMED" It then activates a proximity field which when entered triggers the alarm, which states" PROTECTED BY SECURITY SYSTEM, STAND BACK".
If we now place this unit, plugged into the droids or Dalek for show, and active the alarm they will be protected from small hands.  I was considering adding few antennas to make it look more technical and maybe a buzzing sound to make it feel a bit more active. We will see over the next few weeks now useful it becomes.

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  1. WOW!!! Great idea & great job! I would LOVE to see a video of how this baby works?

    This is honestly the best idea for a droid EVER!