Stars of Time 2013

Dalek Caan had his first appearance at Stars of Time and did his usual thing of frightening small children. All of the tentacles, eye and eye stalk are now fully animatronic. The new cutout panels worked well and gave the front of the Dalek a new look. 


Another great event this year at Weston Super Mare, based at the helicopter museum. C.I.D made is third public events and seemed to draw a great deal attention from the crowds. Most people are not sure what he is but seem to like him anyway. I have decided to do a bit more work on C.I.D and move his design, even more, away from the T3:M4 donor plans creating something even more unique. A bit more work needs to be done on the feet to conceal the wheels . I am also going to add claw like toes on the front as well as a few more moving utility arms. The smoke system does not work very well so I will probably drop that now. I also need to add a few more sounds and beaf up the sound system a bit.

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