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A nice article in StarWars.com after the Corsham Sci-fi event.


"Headliner Dave Prowse opens the convention. Corsham regards Lord Vader as one of its own, since the popular West Countryman hails originally from Bristol, the port city across the border in Somerset. Dak and Darth — Rebel and Imperial — are at tables side-by-side throughout the day. To Dak’s left is another guest, the lovely Sarah Louis Madison, Dr. Who’s Weeping Angel. Both franchises dominate the day, evidenced by dozens of daleks and droids that roam the great space before us to the especial delight of the children. One Artoo in particular catches Dak’s eye, a Steampunk Droid built by local teacher, artist, and props builder Mark Enright, whom the BBC profiled in 2010. Visit Mark’s site to see more of his most imaginative Steampunk Droid. " 

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