A busy month

Loads been going on lately. As well as the large props like the gate and DHD, the smaller but no less important props are still being produced. A new series of film creatures which will be treated to the Podpadstudios Steampunk makeover. All these Steampunk builds will build the foundations of a new website collection on www.steampunkmachines.co.uk. The full size steampunk bat mobile will also be added to the collection in early April 2016. www.steampunkmachines.co.uk by then end of 2015 will have the largest collection of Steampunk machines in the UK.

Two different sizes of wolf Predator masks soon to be Steampunked.

Based on the success of the organic mutant created for the original Dalek caan I have been asked to produce some more mutant based mask.This is just the first experiment. The final mask will have moving animatronic tentacles and a central glowing eye.

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