What happened to the summer

The Tumbler project has been going well up until a small pickup last week. Tyres had arrived and I was getting a bit confident about getting the build finished before the deadline in March, however, I needed to test the weather proof nature of the door and windows. The Steamer was left out in the rain and the windows were indeed water proof. The door needed a few modifications but is looking good. Once the rain had stopped I checked out the Steamer and noticed that a couple of the edges seemed a bit soft and the paint looked like it was lifting. On further inspection it was a lot worse. It appears that the 'WATERPROOF wood' filler I used is not water proof. On even closer inspection it appeared were ever I had used the filler the paint was lifting so there was no alternative but to remove all the filler and to do this means removing the paint and starting again. After three days I am nearly there with removing all the filler and old paint. New car body filler has now been applied where needed and rubbed down and I am now repainting and rubbing down.  In a way it was good that the water test failed at this point as I am also redesigning parts of the car especially where water collected. I have also decided to go with a different paint finish. I really like the textured finish but I think it could be even more textured. I am also not going to use varnish as that did not work and the finishes way to glossy. Instead I will apply over the textured paint a full oil based weather satin black finish. If it ever stops raining, which it has now been doing for three days I will get around to re-painting and at last getting this thing weather proof. Once the painting is all done the next task will be to start working on the rest of the external metal work. I have decided to stay with the black and silver/alloy colour as it seems to work well.

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