Lots of new props

It has been a busy last few months ad a few more props have been added to the collection.

Game of Thrones

I have decided to build a limited Game of Thrones collection, limited in that it will only focus on the dragons. The collection  starts with the egg box and three dragons eggs. Stage two will be the three animatronic baby dragons. 

Harry Potter

Baby Hedwig now has a new brother, a grown up Hedwig.


Full size working Bat signal. To help give the light some scale it can be seen next to the two Bat Mobiles. It is built mainly from wood but coated in an epoxy to allow it to be used outside. The light will pan and tilt and is illuminated by a 600x600mm LED light panel.The bat can also be rotated. To help it be transported it can be dissembled into three sections. Phase two on this build will be to automate the pan and tilt action and give it a Steampunk makeover.

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