New Mad Max styled Apocalypse BUG

As yet we are not sure what to call the new Mad Max, at the moment it is just called The Bug.
It is still under construction with a completion date hopefully in September. 
The idea behind it was to produce a hybrid Retrofuturist/Mad Max horror vehicle which could be used at Film and Horror cons and allow people to pose on the vehicle and have photos taken. It was based on a new style VW Beetle but with a few additions. All the boring stuff has gone, windows, doors, bonnet, interior, roof, lights, intact all that was really left of the Bug was the engine and chassis.
There is still a great detail of fine detail to add and as you can see from the photos but the main construction is now complete. Features include a tweaked 2litre engine giving some very good performance given that the car hardly weighs anything. A large on board propane tank provides some specular flame effects(video to follow).


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