Moto- T Motorcycle

Our latest creation is our Moto-T motorcycle. The influence for this bike comes from the film Terminator salvation and the famous Moto Terminators. Again, it is not a replica but a different take on the film bike, very heavily influenced by the artist H.R.Giger.
The aim was to try and combine the almost impossible CGI elements from the film bike into a rideable machine, with working guns and a unusual riding position.
The machine was constructed over a Kawasaki ZZR600 mainly due to the fact that the wheelbase was the same as that used in the film. Using a large four cylinder bike also gives it a great exhaust note. The whole build was a mega challenge in that the whole riding position had to be changed and the bars lowered and narrowed.  A normal fuel tank and air intake system would not fit so a custom solution had to be worked. The biggest challenge was to make the mini guns work and articulate and still allow the bike to be ridden. It is a challenge to get your feet down when you stop but the guns are removable to make this easier if needed.

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