I thought I would post a couple of pics with Emy next to Zoe so she can be seen in scale next to another Droid. Zoe sits up slightly more than Emy whos leg angle is a bit larger giving her a more layed back look. This gives Zoe much more speed in the turn and seemingly more power than Emy. Emy however is solid as a rock and faster over distance.It is nice seening them sat together even though Zoe's head is still not complete. I have decided not to make the holo eyes myself as I want these to look authentic. Two of the holos will move and the top mounted one will be static. They will move with the same system used on Emy. I have still to mount the camer in the dome, add the slip ring, make the periscope and complete the LED's but this should not take to long.  
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