More work on the dome and lights

I now have the Holos and the two movable ones have been modified and fitted. The drive system to move them has yet to be fitted as has the top Holo.The cluster Led's have been wired up and test fitted into the Holos and they look good. I went for a rainbow effect light instead of white and the effect fitts well with the overall design. The wiring in the dome is a bit messy at the moment and needs tidying up. When I fit the drive system for the Holos I will attend to this.I have yet to do any work on the periscope but have an idea using an old drive tray from a printer.The Wireless router is now permanetly installed but the IP camera in the radar eye is yet to be fitted.
She has had some more test drives over rougher ground and is certainly faster in the turn than Emy but not as stable. The slightly more upright position has placed the three wheels closer together so even though she turns very, very fast there is a tendancy to wheelie if you are not carefull on full power. There is not much I can do about this at this stage. I have added some extra weight into the front foot to help a bit and moved the 12v battery to the center inbetween the two main batteries, this helps but you still need to be carefull when driving backwards then forwards quickly.
On the whole though Zoe has a much stronger build than Emy even though she does not have the strength provided by the skin. I am not sure Zoe is as child proof as Emy though. This should not present to much of a problem as I am not sure Zoe will be doing the events where the kids will be unsupervised. Emy is certainly more stable at speed but Zoe has a much faster turning circle.
I am pleased I chose to go with the slip ring, which is now fitted and working,as the Dome spining a full 360 with all the lights on looks great. With Emy the 360 spinning is not neccessary but with Zoe, essencial. The only issue I have with the dome drive is that the drive wheel is slipping to much, it is simply not gripping on the wood ring connected to the dome bearing. I have tried covering the surface of the wood with Duck tape which works well but eventually tears of. What I need is a plastic tape to cover the drive surface that wont tear off. My deadline for completion is now the 31st July where Zoe will be unveiled at a local event call Stars of Time.I am not sure the periscope will be completed by then but everything else should be, it will be interetsing to see how she gets on at her first public event.
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