Nearly complete. Final work on the dome.

All the electrics are now in the dome and it is working well. The Holo eyes front and back move and trigger to motion. The top plug on the dome is pressure sensitive and triggers a sound when touched. I decided not to complete the periscope at this time but take my time building a really good one. For now I have added some old circuit boards and LED's to make it look like the inside electronics on the dome, with the periscope hatch removed.
I have added the back LED's and sorted out all the internal wiring.
Zoe is now fitted with a massively powerful siren to deter and young children who might like to remove some of her exposed electronics. I do not want to fit a water pistol to Zoe like Emy so the 150db siren should be enough.
Inside the dome does still look a bit messy but I will get around to tidying this all up when the IP camera is fitted behind the radar eye. I have also found a very cheap projector so this may also get fitted to Zoe.

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