A glowing Robot

Posted by PicasaI do like the blue neon look, it looks stunning in low light. Does anyone think I need more lights???
The Holo eyes still have to be added and all of them will move and have motion triggered LED's fitted.
The front logic display and center and rear eye stil have to be constructed and LED's fitted.
It is hard to see from the photos all the EL wire and UV paint working to its best. The circuit boards built into the front of the droid for show all have EL wire woven into them so when the Droid makes a sound the EL reacts by pulsing.All the white parts on the Droid and a few other bits have had a clear coat of UV reactive paint which gives of an eary glow in low light when the main body lights are turned on.
So far I am really pleased with the final look, Zoe is a worthy sister to Emy.
I have had a few issues this weekend though. Now having two Droids to get to events I have had to buy a trailer to transport them. I took Zoe out for a test run i the trailer and when I arrived back at home noticed that Zoe's feet had cracks in them. The bracket that I had fitted the foot shell to the motor bracket where not strong enough to deal with the vibration of the trailer. It was a good test as it highlighted the need for stronger brackets and making sure that the foot shells are only floating on the motor brackets and not structural in any way.I do need to make a decision about if I am going to use a slip ring or lock Zoe's dome like Emy not allowing it to rotate 360 degrees.
Other things that have been work on are leaf switches fitted to each utility arm. These trigger sounds from the sound card as the utility arms open. The sound card did eventually arrive and is now fitted and working. It is triggered from a second RF switch giving 12 selectable sounds. The further six sounds available are triggered via a number of switches placed on the Droid. Two sounds triggered as the utility arms open. One touch sensor on the head. Bump switch on the center foot. Optical switch fitted on the restraining bolt triggered by the custom droid caller.
The fire extinguisher system is now fitted and working triggered from the RF switch. It is the same system fitted to Emy which is an inverted Air canister. I may, if I can afford it fit a smoke generator to Zoe.

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