Work on the Dome

The lower ring on the dome has now been painted and given a clear top coat. This was my second attempt at making this ring as the first one did not have the finish I needed. The silver finish with high gloss top coat works well with reflecting the blue lights from under the dome. The top section of the dome has also had its final coat of paint and a clear top coat. I can now start adding a few details including the finished Radar eye and grills that will have the logic LED's fitted behind. The wooden ring fitted inside the metal dome has been secured with screw. I went for this look over gluing it as it adds to the industrial look that I am after. I still have a great deal of work to do on the dome plus all the electrics, holos and lots of other bits needed fitting but the look I am after is certainly starting to come together. Even though the original Dome design was inspired by an R9 I have now moved beyond this and am well into the relm of the R11.
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