Zoe's first public event.

Stars of Time at Weston Super Mare was a great day out and well organized event. It was also Zoe's first public event and it went very well. Only one part broke, which to be honest was made badly, so I need to go back to the drawing board on that anyway. It was a real shame the event was not a bit darker to show of all her neons and glow in the dark paint but it was a great test of the drive motors and just to see if this type of design can survive in public.
Zoe and Emy also got to ride in the own custom trailer to the event and that also worked like a charm..
Zoe cam was a great success however the wi-fi range needs to be extended with a higher gain antenna. I also need to add a few more gadgets to Zoe. I feel the need for an onboard projection system coming on and maybe a different take on the onboard water pistol.
A great first event for Zoe.

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