A few modifications

Zoe has not really had any maintenance  done since the last public event in November and was overdue for a few mods. The main one was to complete the rear door and compressed air system. I wanted to mount a water spray system similar to the one on Emy to use at outside events but with limited space it was proving to be a real problem. What I have done to sort this is redesign the rear door adding the new water spray system and moving the compressed air cylinder in the process. The whole rebuild looks much nicer and is probably how it should have been done in the first place. Both the water jet, which exists from the back of the droid and the compressed air spray work very well. I have also played around with the switching relays making it easier to trigger both the water and extinguisher. The Dome drive wheel also needed some attention as it was slipping. I have made a stronger bracket and cleaned out the main dome bearing and cleaned the brushes on the motor, both of which seem to make everything work much better.  I also slightly redesigned the clamp which holds the wheel on the motor centring it up a bit better removing any vibration.  A new cosmetic circuit board was added to the left hand side, I did not really like the large boring metal plate. The blue plasma plate inside the body has also been remounted and moved forwards giving much more room in the body. I am waiting for an electric antenna to arrive from ebay which will be modded and fitted into the head to create a life form scanner.
Apart from a few minor re-soldring of a few connector Zoe has faired very well after a season of public events. My DX8 Radio has not faired so well needing cleaning again after more dirt has got caught in the pots, not sure this radio was such a great buy, not to worry I still have my DX6i which has never missed a beat. In the next few days I will remove all the alloy parts from Zoe and give them a re-sand and polish ready for the new year.

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