Astromech Power Generator/charger

At some of the events Emy and Zoe have attended last year it was very difficult to charge them if they needed it. Also powering extra bits of kit was also a problem which usually involved using an old battery, so I decided to solve the problem in a more stylish way.
I know R2D2 was seen using a portable generator in Empire, but I though it would be a good idea to create my own unique design that would be fitting to my two Droids.
Once the unit is finished it will be able to do a number of things.
1. Provide a 12v high amp feed
2. Charge both Emy and Zoe from an on board charge system,
3. Be recharged from the solar panels I have used before on my first Droid Charging station.
4. Look cool when it glows and hums in the dark
The power feeds from the generator to each Droid will look like LED rope lights but each LED cable will be terminated in a Speakon Plug. 
There is still a bit more work to do on it including a final coat of paint and weathering but so far it is looking good.

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