Dalek Caan. Fully animatronic mutant seated in the full size relics Dalek. 

New Variable Pot fitted to the side of the smoke machine

New Wiring and connectors.

12V Dome motor is now powered via 24v.

I have been a bit busy over the last few weeks getting Dalek Caan completed. This does mean that Zoe has not really had much attention, although public events are a bit light on the ground at the moment. At the last event I noticed that the 12v battery was running down very fast much quicker than the 24v system. I put this down to the fact that the dome motor was running on 12v of the 12v system. I have now wired the system to run the 12v dome motor at 24v. I know this situation is not ideal but it will sort my battery problem out. The motor has been backed on on the radio to run at about 40% so it should be ok, and considering it never runs flat out for more than a few seconds the motor should last ok. If it does burn out I have a replacement ready to fit. The reason I did this rewire and not just fit a 24v to 12v convertor is that I don't like how inefficient they are plus they generate loads of heat.
The other mod that has been added is the changes to the smoke system. I initially controlled the fan on the smoke machine from the radio via an ESC. I have now removed this as altering the speed of the fan is simply not necessary as the lower and upper positions do not generate much smoke. I have now fitted a pot to control the speed of the fan locally so I can simply set the sweet point and leave it. The smoke generator is now controlled via a 2 pole switch switching both the 24 and 12v circuits at the same time.
I have also cleaned up the wiring to the smoke generator now just having two connectors to remove the system if needed.

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