Stars of Time 2012

Another great show at the Helicopter Museum near Weston Super Mare. This is a great show as it is so nice to meet up with everyone and have a chat plus the numbers this year were very good. Thanks to Julia again for taking some great photos of Zoe. You can just about see from some of the photos that Zoe's camera and monitor setup worked very well transmitting images back to the portable monitor system. It is also designed to send images to a larger screen as well should we need it in the future.

Zoe meeting Kitt was very funny as they seem to strike up a conversation. K9 in the background just liked the black tires??

Maybe it was a long day and I spent most of it with my eyes shut??

New camera and monitor setup. As well as offering an IP camera facility the camera can also transmit on 2.4GHz directly to the monitor which is powered from the battery pack I created. It can also be linked up to an external monitor or projector for larger presentation.

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