A few more refinements

There is still the whole of the interior to work on but the external look is now nearing completion. The whole car needs a final black topcoat of paint but that won't get applied until later once the internal work is complete. There is still work to do on the nose section as it is designed to lift up when loading and unloading from the truck. The canopy section still needs work but as yet i can decide what the final canopy will look like. 90% of the LED's are now fitted and working. Quick release seeing wheel and modified gear lever and handbrake lever have been completed. The exhaust has been removed and the new one needs to be built which will allow exhaust gasses to exit through the after burner. Either a propane system of exhaust flame system will be fitted to get a nice flame through the burner. Currently it is fitted with flickering amor and red LED's to simulate the burner effect.
Seats have now been removed and either need recovering or new ones building, not sure yet.

To give an idea of the scale it can be seen next to the Steamer.
Steamer 15ft x 9ft
95Spider 25ft x 7ft

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