Just in Time

Here we go, at last we can announce our latest creation , our very own Time machine.
In the 1980's film, Back to the Future, the choice of the Delorean seemed perfect.
Not really wanting to create a replica of that famous car we wanted to do something a little different.
Bringing the whole concept into the 21st century the Smart Car seemed the perfect choice to turn into a Time machine. The little city car has become iconic and was just begging to be converted.
One thing the build had to have was Gul wing doors, something that is not an optional extra on a Smart car. After working out how to get the doors working but still keep the overall look of the Smart the project was born.
As well as taking inspiration from all three Back to the Future films references are made to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and general life in the 'City'.
This build has everything, white wall wheels, Huge amount of LED lighting, 1000wrms sound system, touch screens, voice control via 'Alexa', steampunk styled interior, the list goes on.
Forget the Flux capacitor and Mr Fusion, we have a BIC Capacitor( now you know what happened to all the biro's, and a working Cappuccino machine, which should be great for cold comic cons.
One of the challenges of the build was the guy wing doors and ensuring that the interior of the car was kept dry when it rained. This was achieved by a system I designed to duct the water from the roof inside pipes through the car which works really well, no more gun wing door leaks.
Building this car was so much fun that I have decided to create a collection of Smart cars, built and inspired by iconic films. Keep an eye out for our next build, a Smart Car Dark Knight Tumbler.

Some Build photos constructing the doors.

Rear Vents made from 3mm Alloy

Everything mocked up in wood.

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