Transporting the tank

 The tank still needs some work on the turret stability and autoloader for the fire system. Weathering and painting is ongoing. So while I potter on completing the tank I have decided to start the Elefant STL-50 Tank trnasporter. This thing is going to be vast at over 3m long. I have decided to use 200 x 50 pnumatic tyres, same used on mountain boards with plastic wheels with metal inserts. The tractor will have basic syspension but the fat tyres will offer most of this. The trailer will have small 70mm rubber wheels which will keep the trailer platform for loading the tank nice and low. So far I have sourced the wheels and tyres, off old mountain boards, and built the trans axel and fitted a 300w motor. I think this will provide enough power to move everything, slowly, but with plenty of torque. If I need more power I will have to come up with a way of adding a bigger motor.  Again the steel used will be recycled.

Building the drive system using parts from an old mobility scooter trans axel and old mountain board wheels and tyres

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