Akira Mobility bike

Here we go, about a week from completion.
There are still a few things to complete including the console and adding a bit of reinforcement to the drive motor mountings. The bike use a 350w electric motor connected to the back wheel via a chain drive, so as you can imagine this machine has huge amounts of torque. 
The bike can run in two modes, two or four wheel. In two week mode it is an electric motorcycle. In four wheel mode it is a road legal class 3 mobility scooter. With the flip of a switch the two stabiliser wheels come down and turn it into a four wheel vehicle which is very stable. The on board computer limits the speed in four wheel mode to make it legal. All the gadgets are fitted including Sat Nav, sound system, disc brakes, horn, brake lights, indicators, hazard flashers.
The wheel lighting was particularly successful even though it was a real pain to do. The green neon projection LED lighting works really well even in daylight. 
This bike was never intended to be a replica. it was always going to have a unique look plus it is a worlds first, Akira bike class 3 invalid carriage. 

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