Akira Mobility bike

Ok, at last our Akira mobility bike is complete.
The aim was to create the worlds first Class 3 invalid carriage but with style and what better style than the famous Akira bike.
Our bike is not a replica of the famous 1988 Anime bike.
Influence for the bike came from different sources including the film Akira and Ready play one. We have also given it a 2019 make over and added in a more extreme Cyberpunk makeover.

Part of the shape of our bike had to be sculpted to accommodate the extra  wheels which electronically come out of the fairing to turn a two wheel vehicle into a four wheel one, all at the press of a button.  
The bike is powered by a 450w electric motor running at 36v which is more than powerful enough to move the bike at considerable speed. In four wheel mobility mode the speed is limited by the onboard computer to 8mph for the road and 4mph for the pavement. 
Bike comes fitted with GPS Sat Nav, sound system with sub, heated seat, horn, front and rear lights, indicators and of course the famous green Neon LED wheel lights. The overall size is built to the original spec so this is not a small bike and at over 9ft long not the easies to turn in a small circle.

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