Akira Mobility bike complete

Even thought the main part of the Akira Mobility bike was completed last week there are always small details that need attention, It is these small details that define the final product and that attention to detail is so important.
We had to add some higher visibility front and rear indicators due to the fact that the original ones fitted did not meet the spec to make it road legal. They integrate well but it is still annoying to have to add parts that I did not want in the original design. Lower console screen has now been fitted which takes its feed from the rear camera. The rear view camera can be switched into this screen or both. A larger sub woofer system has been added behind the battery box under the seat and it does make a considerable difference to the overall sound, not sure what effect it will have on the battery. 
An idler gear has been added between the main drive sprocket and rear wheel sprocket, takes up the chain slack really well and makes the drive much smoother. 
I decided to fit a bigger/wider rear tyre which looks so much better. All of the details that were outstanding have now all been sorted. 
I have still got a smoked screen to fit but as yet am in two minds about adding it to the detail, we will see.

Initially a Raspberry Pi computer was controlling the stabiliser wheels but yet again the system is proving to be unreliable. I used the same controller on one of the Bat mobiles to control the after burner but that also failed regularly until replaced with a better system. Not sure as yet what I will use on the Akira mobility bike to control the height adjustment of the wheels. Currently there is a mechanical switch which raises and lowers the wheels and they can be locked in any position. 

The bike went out on the road for the first time last week and generally worked well.
As a concept vehicle it works really well however as a day to day Invalid carriage there are a few problems.
The turning circle is a nightmare, not much I can do about this but if this was ever produced for full time service the turn angle needs to be increase considerably.
Reverse switch is on the wrong side of the bike, you can't hold the front brake and switch reverse in which is a problem on a hill.
The stability control system needs to be better as mentioned earlier and a better computer system is needed to keep the bike level in four wheel mode.

Lighting wise a few more areas of the bike have been lit and I am experimenting with variable voltages depending of day or night for the green wheel Neons. They are now much easier to see in strong sun light than before.

I was going to do a battery upgrade but the 25ah batteries seem to perform really well, 36v for the drive system and 12v for everything else. Onboard charging has now been fitted as well as a solar panel charge system, which can be connected into an external panel. 

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