Batman BatPod Motorcycle. The Steampod

Here we go the latest incranation of the Steampod. This is where Batman meets Steampunk for real. None of our props are fake static affairs, they all function as they should and this best is no different. Powered by a 450w electric motor running at 36v it provides more than enough grunt to completely terrify you when you ride it. There are no luxuries like tyres, just iron hoop connected to 200 year old cart wheels. There is a secondary 12v system to power the LED lighting and gun systems. Braking is taken care of my  tried and tested wooden block against the back wheel operated by a foot pedal.
It is impossible to ride as you need to get up to speed to balance it. In theory it should travel at 15mph but I doubt I will ever be brave enough to go that fast on it. 

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