Crisis Over

 I have worked flat out over the last two days and built a new turret. Must admit I like it much more than the original plus there is much more room in it for the electronics and extra sound system. Top mounted dual rotating gun is not yet built but the main top section is fabricated. Now all it needs is detail and more paint.

The main gun system is slightly modifed with better fune extration but in essence is the same. The main gun elavator is now much stronger and there is zero wobble in the main gun.
The top section will not rotate. What will rotate is the very top section where there will be dual mounted rotating guns angled at about 45 degrees. Both of these will be fitted with dual 209 Blank system which can be independantly fired. This will give the tank three firing gun all fitted with a blank fireing system. 
The main gun is now also gyro stablised.
I think it will be a few more days then I will be able to move back onto the Elefant transporter.

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