New tank design is born


Thomas's new look. The main turret might be fixed but it now sports three guns all firing 209 blanks.
The main gun is stabilzed which makes it look so much better when driving plus the actuator that operates the gun elevator is mounted in a much better position providing much more power.

Hopefully the track issue has been solved with stronger motor mounts added.

The rear hatch is bolted on at the moment but I might change this hor hinges.

The turret dual gun system is now built and fitted to the tank. The servo that will power the turret rota system is not in yet but that should be a simple job. Fire system works well and when all three gun sounds together, very, very loud. Because the barrel is so short the flash and smoke are awesome, not need to add on FX here.
Sound system has been modified and works very well. I am using a ESS-Dual which has been modified to give me a louder sound and linked with my custom sound board so I can run multiple sounds at once, very cool.
Most of the main painting is done, just some detailing and tidying to do. Internally there is much more room which is great and makes it much easiler to access the main gun system.
Hopefully the tank will be complete in the next few days so I can then move on to the transporter.

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