Nearly there


Loads of work done on the tank transporter over the last few weeks. Glass is in, smoke generator working, sound working and the paint detailing is coming along nicely.  The trailer has also had a lot of work done on it with the actuator fitted meaning the rear ramps now move up and down. I have added a winch which can actually pull 100kg, took some doing but it can winch the tank up onto the trailer. 
Weight is a bit of a problem or lack of it. The rear wheels spin a bit to much because there is not much weight over the back axel. I have added some weight  which helps a bit. Ideally I need to work out how to lock the diff plus in an ideal world four wheel drive would be better. The transporter will pull the tank fine but over rough ground or even grass might be a problem due to lack of traction rather than lack of power. 

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