Tank transporter complete

I say complete but what I really mean is nearly complete. I have decided to add more power to the tractor unit by adding a second motor and drive axel. It wont be four wheel drive as I have no way to lock the diffs but it will be as close as I can get plus loads of power.

The trailer has been a pain. The four wheels where dragging really badly on sharp turns so I decided to add steering to the trailer wheels. The mechanism was fair easy but driving it a different matter. The first attempt was a large 60kg 12v servo. It was fine until the trailer was heavilt loaded then did not have enough power. Attempt two was a 1000N linear actuator. The wheels now turn under load but can not be linked in with the tractor steering so has to be done at the same time. It works, not elegant but it works and the trailer now turns, no more dragging wheels.

I had to loose the winch from the trailer as I needed the spare channel for the steering actuator, I might add a new one in at a later date. 
I now have a driver who's head moves. I have link this with the turn control. 
The driver also has his own stereo and can play music in the cab.

Radar system was added to top of cab and spins.
Loads more detailing has been added, to much to mention but it is now starting to look the part and will be ready for filming on the set date.


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